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At Reset Weight Loss, my job as a personal trainer is to educate, motivate and then celebrate my client’s success. It is amazing what you can do to your body with the proper training and instruction. I know I can help you achieve your goals!

Whether you are looking for a regular workout program, or just need a few sessions to get you started. Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, or just a few pounds.

I have helped clients prepare for bodybuilding shows, and I have also helped a number of clients lose up to 100 pounds. I love working with deconditioned clients, many who have never worked out before, begin an appropriate program working at their individual pace.

This is not like the Biggest Loser show. Most exercises are done from a seated position and there is never any jumping or super strenuous activity involved. You have nothing to be afraid of so contact me today  Consultations are free!

Deb Sompel
Owner and RESET Eating Plan developer 
Certified Personal Trainer
2002 ANBC All Natural Pittsburgh
Bodybuilding Champion Overall First Place Winner

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RESET- A proven, successful personal weight loss plan that heals you from the inside out. Regenerate your liver, seal your gut and balance hormone levels which will make it easy to lose the weight!


 But  . . .. It’s not just about looking good, we will deal with your entire body which  includes the mind, soul and spirit. We will discover the emotional reasons for overeating and find ways to relieve unhealthy stress and anxiety.  We will work together to identify and remove those emotional barriers and mental obstacles that keep you stuck, and unable to move forward. This freedom allows you to become all you can. The transformations are miraculous! 

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