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Personal Training

Deb Sompel

I have been a certified personal trainer since 1997 and have witnessed many amazing success stories throughout that time. I have had clients lose 10 pounds, and I have had clients lose 100 pounds. Focusing on the physicality of training has given my clients wonderful results, but I see the need for something more, something deeper and more involved than the physical teaching of exercise, and that's why I have a new program called "Life changing personal training".

Personal training that not only helps you accomplish your weight loss and health goals but also teaches how to change your attitude, mentally an emotionally, about food, weight loss and your life! I have found throughout my time that many people experience mental and emotional barriers that sabotage their weight loss, and no matter what they do, they are unable to lose the weight. We will explore those emotional obstacles and remove them forever with my attitude adjustment/personal development session. You may even find this powerful internal evaluation can change other aspects of your life in a positive way!

We will also go on location to learn to shop for healthy food choices, how to make good choices when you're out to eat, and how to prepare healthy choices at home, so that your never gain the weight back and never again experience defeat again!

So what is your future worth to you? Take the first step to a new, healthy life today! You are worth it, and we can do it together. I will be there to teach, help, motivate and encourage you every step of the way! I am excited about the person you will become with this life changing opportunity!

Book your session today! 

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