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My goal is to help you to be all you can.  Having someone who believes in you, holds you accountable, and offers continual encouragement is what will separate my program from all the others you have tried. No pills, patches, shakes or gimmicks here . . . this is about lifestyle changes that make you healthy, fit and strong! You will not only experience a physical transformation, but also a renewed confidence and empowerment that affects your emotional and mental well being.  


"Deb is a trainer who modifies and personalizes each eating plan and workout plan to get the best results for each client. I feel she listened to me when I told her the struggles I was having and gave me great suggestions to overcome cravings and a workout that would perfect my problem areas."
Daniella A.


“Working out with Deb was not only fun, but the best personal trainer I could ask for! I had personal trainers before but they made me feel uncomfortable, and I didn't loose the weight. Deb showed me so many things about loosing weight and sticking with it, and so far I lost about 13 pounds! That is the most weight I have lost in my life believe it or not! Thank you Deb!”

Nia H. (14 years old)


"Five years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. At the recommendation of my doctor, I began a regime of weight training with Deb. The results have been remarkable! Not only have my bone density numbers improved, my body image and self esteem improved 110%! Deb is not only encouraging, she is motivational to me and instrumental in my success." 
Joanne E.


"I took a few private sessions with Deb a little more than a year ago. It was a fabulous experience. Her studio is very inviting, and she is so knowledgeable and helpful. She is a true professional at training and will not waste any of your time. Our sessions were always punctual, and she was able to quickly get to the core of what I wanted to accomplish with weight training and formulate a plan to get me there. She is also a very good hands-on instructor for technique and form, and was always so personable, welcoming and encouraging. She is a genuine person and is committed to her clients, always corresponding to check your progress as well as hold you accountable. I would highly recommend her! Thanks, Deb!"
Heather P.


"I was having trouble with my weight and found out that was a personal trainer so I decided to hire her when I seen the pictures of her when she used to compete as a bodybuilder and she had very reasonable prices. Not only did I leave with dramatic changes in my body which you can see in the before and after pictures, since I've been training with her my confidence has been through the roof and my relationship with God is better than it's ever been thanks Deb!" 
Justin S.



"l needed a physical and mental lifestyle change after getting a bad doctors report and them wanting me to go on cholesterol medication which I refused to take. I went to see Deb on March 30th, 2015 (weight 193 ) after 6 weeks of training and a big jump start in attitude and eating & drinking habits it "clicked". I worked with Deb for 3 months and since then I have joined a gym (with my son ) and continue to work on a healthy physical and mental change of life. When I started training with Deb my cholesterol was 236 and triglycerides were 336. After just three months, my cholesterol dropped to 204 and triglycerides dropped to 136 and I lost 13 pounds! My weight is now 158! Deb is a wonderful person and can help YOU change your lifestyle." 
Larry Z.

"Deb is a very professional & knowledgeable trainer. As a former body builder, she has the knowledge & skills to provide the best workout for you. She helped me focus on the areas I needed to concentrate on & also to set reasonable goals for myself. Her encouragement is positive & I enjoyed working with Deb."
Becky V.


"Although we don't live close enough to have one-on-one training sessions, I can always count on you to keep me on track with my diet and to change up my exercise routine to keep it working for me! Thanks for being "on call" for me when I need it!" 
Dana H.


"I have known Deb for a while and would highly recommend her as a personal trainer. Deb not only focuses on the physical, but also on the spiritual/emotional. Many of her clients have seen life changing results. I would also like to add that Deb has outstanding character, and truly cares about her clients. Bottom line, if you are committed and follow Deb's plan your life will change for the better."
Michael S.


"I have had such a great experience training with Deb! I lost a significant amount of weight that I struggled to get off for a long time. I really appreciate the hard work and dedication she has with her clients and the friendship we now have!"
Emily B


Over the summer, Nia has been working hard, with Deb Sompel, and has lost 18 lbs so far. So proud of her..she is determined and serious . Deb is not only her trainer, but mentor, inspiration, and giver of godly counsel. The relationship built between the two of them makes it easier for her to reach her goals. She knows Deb is only a text or call away if she needs her." 
Marian G.


"For the past 10 years or so, I've been struggling with my weight. I just needed to loose about 10 pounds to look and feel much better. Deb's RESET Program helped me to achieve my goal. I lost 9 lbs and I feel healthier and happier than I've felt in a long time. Thanks, Deb!"
Kathy Sollecchio


"Some people have noticed a physical change in me. No need to be concerned. Here is the skinny, so to speak. On September 1 I began a journey with my tour guide Deb Sompel. Deb has steered my lifestyle in a healthier direction. We haven't begun to really workout yet. But my knee feels better and just about to begin turning it up a notch. Oh yeah that skinny I mentioned. I've dropped 27 pounds since Sept. 1. Thank you Deb"
Al Bergman 

Do it! Call Deb and get scheduled! We have been working together and she is awesome! RESET with Deb has changed my life! I am working on losing over 100# and I’ve lost almost 40 so far!! RESET has turned around 25 years of weight gain year over year - I am going into the New Year weighing LESS! I can’t even describe how incredible that feels! But the weight loss is just a bonus - what I really love even more is being healthier, stronger, and more energetic! My balance and coordination have never been better and I love feeling great everyday! Deb is a fantastic coach - supportive, very knowledgeable, encouraging and never judgmental. If you give yourself one thing this year, make it working RESET with Deb. Don’t hesitate, get scheduled. Pam Mielnicki

Deb has helped me immensely! Her personalized RESET, along with a personalized exercise program, are helping me to lose weight and get back to the healthy person I had been most of my life. I have neck & disc issues, so I did not feel comfortable starting any exercise program on my own. This program is exactly what I needed to achieve success! Thanks Deb!  Cheryl  H.

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