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Workplace Wellness

A weightloss program

Many health risks are due to obesity and unhealthy eating patterns, weight loss can also cause a more confident, content employee and reduce stress. Along with weight loss comes lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and better sleep. Many experience better relationships away from the workplace with family members as well, and those on medications may find those are no longer necessary leading to saving money on prescription and doctor costs.

Wellness programs also tend to create better camaraderie amongst employees, and many of our clients create a friendly competition "weight loss contest" with prizes awarded to the biggest loser! Giving each other support, encouragement and holding each other accountable is a great way to develop better relationships in the workplace. As you see the results, all will be motivated and will be celebrating each others accomplishments. A workplace wellness weight loss program is a win-win for everyone involved!

This will be fun, educational, motivational, and very successful to all who stay on track and follow the plan. The average RESET weight loss is 2.8 pounds a week but have seen clients lose up up to 9 pounds per week! If they follow the plan, they should see a 16-38 pound total weight loss!

RESET WELLNESS WEIGHT LOSS in your workplace - I will come to your location and explain the program your employees. I will return for weigh-ins on a biweekly basis for the next 8 weeks and discuss questions, concerns, suggestions, adjustments, etc. I will also track body fat percentage and BMI index throughout the term. For an extra incentive, we can make this a healthy competition, a weight loss contest and offer prize incentives to the winner! Cost of the program is $100 for each employee, minimum of 8. There are no additional costs. We have employees that pick up the cost of the program on their own, and also have employers who pay the fee for their workers.

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